I wish I was the poison in your heart (vilify) wrote in almightyhammer,
I wish I was the poison in your heart

Jump Starting

Hello, new members! I'm Pachelbel, your friendly founder.

I was thinking of having a set of short writing exercises posted once a week that we could all participate in, to help "limber up" before writing.

I'd choose a different exercise and maybe a different article about writing, and post it every Sunday so that we'd all have the rest of the week to work on it. Then we'd post what we ended up with here, whether it was two words or two pages, offer some feedback, and do it all again the next week. That would be in addition to asking for feedback on the more serious writing we all do (serious as in, things we want to polish and present, be it fanfiction or short stories or essays.)

What do you think?
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